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Region :- Himachal (Manali) to Ladakh (Leh)
Duration :- 12 Days
Grade :- Difficult
Max Altitude :- 17,577 Ft.
Approx Riding Km :- 505 Kms.

Cycling in the Himalayas is altogether a different experience which can be one of the wildest dreams of an adrenaline junkie. If you really have the zest of conquering the spellbinding world of the Himalayas by riding your cycle, then the Leh-Manali cycling expedition should definitely be on your bucket list. Placed amid ever-changing and fabulously flourishing backdrop, the Himalayan ranges tender some spectacular cycling trails for the adventure aficionados. To put it briefly, cycling trip in the Himalayas is an ideal vacation idea for those who are born to be wild.

As a cyclist always dreams of riding his cycle to dream destinations the cycling expedition from Malani-Leh surely promises to be a ride to remember. This expedition lets you cover two states in the northern part of India that are Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. You will also be crossing three of the highest motorable passes in the world including the Khardungla Pass. As you start your expedition from Manali and then move forward towards Leh, you’ll be witnessing a huge difference in the landscape that changes from time to time. Tall mountains peeping behind each other with brown texture will greet you as you start approaching Leh.

It is important that you have to proper safety equipment while riding your cycle in the mountains as it is a different ball game when compared to riding it in the city. Physical fitness, as well as mental fitness, go hand in hand for an expedition like this in the Himalayas.

You will come across different villages which have a charm of their own while going across Himachal Pradesh and Leh. Take halts to interact with the locals and get to know about the culture. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated throughout your cycling expedition as it will be helpful for you at higher altitudes. The cycling trip across Himachal Pradesh and Leh is something to cherish for a lifetime.

Brief Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival Manali
• Altitude:- 2,050m/6,700ft
• Distance from Delhi:- 530km, 13 hours
• Check in Hotel (12:30pm)
• Expedition briefing by the Leader (Post Lunch, approx 3:00pm)
• All telephone networks are available
• ATM is available
• Explore nearby area in the evening
• Visit Hidimba Devi Temple, Vashist Kund and other major sightseeing points (avoid Rothang Pass)
• Only hotel stay is included in the cost (food and sightseeing is excluded)

Day 2 Manali to Marhi 11023 ft 35 km
• Altitude:- 3,350m/11,000ft
• Distance 35km, 7 hours
• Full ascent with lots of hairpin bands
• Route has a view of Pine and Deodar forest
• Start early in the morning to avoid the traffic of Rohtang pass
• Packed lunch on the way
• Phone networks are available
• Several shops on the way
• Stay in tents

Day 3 Marhi to Sissu via Rohtang Pass
• Altitude:- 3,100m/10,250ft (Rohtang Pass 3980m/13,050ft)
• Distance 50km, 7 hours
• Uphill till Rohtang(17km), Downhill till Koksar then gradual ascent till Sissu
• Phone networks are erratic
• Several shops on the way
• Check point at Koksar, keep your ID handy
• Packed lunch on the way
• Stay in tents

Day 4 Sissu to Jispa
• Altitude:- 3,200m/10,500ft
• Distance 55km, 7 hours
• First 10km gradual, next 20km uphill, rest is gradual ascent
• Going through Ghodhla, Tandi and Keylong
• On the way cross the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga river
• Phone networks erratic
• Packed lunch on the way
• Stay in tents

Day 5 Jispa to Zing Zing Bar
• Altitude:- 4,250m/14,000ft
• Distance:- 30km, 6 hours
• All the way steep and gradual ascent
• Keep ID handy at Dharcha check point
• Deepak Taal on the way, nice place for relax
• No phone network
• Packed lunch on the way
• Stay in tents

Day 6 Zing Zing Bar to Brandy Nallah via Baralacha La
• Altitude:- 4,200m/13,750ft (Baralacha La 4,890m/16,000ft)
• Distance:-65km, 8 hours
• Brandy Nallah is at foot hill of Gata Loops
• Uphill till Baralacha la then gradual ascent till campsite
• Suraj taal, Baralacha la, Killingsari, Sarchu on the way
• Sarchu marks as the border between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
• Packed lunch on the way
• Stay in tents

Day 7 Brandy Nallah to Pang via Nakee La, Lachulung La
• Altitude:- 4,600m/15,100ft
• Nakee La 4,750m/15,550ft, Lachulung La 5,050m/16,600ft
• Distance:- 55km, 7 hours
• First half is uphill (Gata loops, Nakee la, Lachulung la)
• Second half is downhill with bumpy ride
• Packed lunch
• Stay in tents

Day 8 Pang to Debring 15862 ft via More Plains 50 km
• Altitude:- 4,800m/15,800ft
• Distance:- 50km, 6 hours
• First ¼ is steep uphill, rest is gradual (almost flat)
• Packed snacks and hot lunch at camp site
• Pang has a Army transit camp
• Stay in tents

Day 9 Debring to Rumtse 14000 ft via Tanglang la 17582 ft 46 km
• Altitude:- 4,250m/14,000ft (Tanglang la 5,328m/17,475ft)
• Distance:- 50km, 6 hours
• Uphill till Tanglang la, rest is downhill
• Packed snacks and hot lunch at camp site
• Stay in tents

Day 10 Rumtse to Leh
• Altitude:- 3,500m/11,500ft
• Distance:- 75km, 6 hours
• Packed lunch on the way
• All is downhill
• Stay in Hotel

Day 11 Leh to Khardung La and back to Leh
• Altitude:- 5,359m/17,577ft
• Distance:- 40km, 6 hours
• All is uphill
• Come back by car
• Packed lunch
• Stay in tents

Day 12 Check out after breakfast
Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival Manali

After reaching Manali on the first day, your accommodation will be taken care of in a guest house which will be arranged by TTH. Get done with your lunch after which you will get some time for interaction with your fellow participants. Your leader will brief you about the expedition which will include the safety measures and the regulations that need to be followed. Spend some time in the evening exploring the nearby area in Manali. Dinner will be served at your guesthouse.

Day 2 Manali to Marhi

After having your breakfast we will embark on your long-awaited adventure. Marhi is approximately 35km and on the way, you’ll come across some stunning views of pine and deodar forests. It is important to start our day early so that we avoid the traffic at Rohtang pass. The route to Marhi has a lot of hairpin bends so it is important to be a bit cautious. The campsite at Marhi is a scenic place which offers some pretty views. We’ll be camping here for tonight and your dinner will be served at your campsite.

Day 3 Marhi to Sissu via Rohtang Pass

From Marhi our next stop is Sissu via Rohtang pass. We start off our day by having our breakfast and then finishing 17km ascent to Rohtang pass. You will come across some spectacular views of snow-covered mountain peaks of Spiti Valley. We will take a halt at Rohtang pass for some refreshment after which we’ll have to take the descent to Gramphu. Sissu is also known as Khagling which is a small town in Lahaul valley on the banks of the river Chandra. At Sissu, we’ll be camping for the night where you will be served your dinner. Relax after a tiring day because you’ll be up fresh the next day for new adventures.

Day 4 Sissu to Jispa

Today we’ll be riding all the way up to Gondla which is at a higher elevation from Sissu. A gradual route from sissu to around 8-10 km, where it gets climb for around 20 km or so later it stretches to Jispa . From Gondla we’ll be descending all the way to Tandi. After crossing Tandi we will go past Keylong which is a low gradient all the way up to Jispa.
It is advisable to drink lots of water at high altitude which helps to maintain the blood circulation. There will also be a support vehicle so that you can refill your bottles when needed. On the highway, you will come across freshwater streams which are cool and refreshing. Keylong is a village which is situated halfway between Sissi and Jispa. We’ll take some rest at Keylong where you will be having your lunch and then moving forward. As soon as you cross Keylong you will notice the change in the mountain ranges where the vegetation part is taken over by dry desert. Watch out for stones which are rolling down the road. After a few kilometres of uphill, we finally reach Jispa. On the banks of the river Bhaga, Jispa is a peaceful village in the Lahaul valley which is located 20km north of Keylong. We will be camping here for the night.

Day 5 Jispa to Zing Zing Bar

After having your breakfast we will be heading to Darcha which is about 10km from Jispa. The road climbs steadily on this route on the way to Patseo. You will have to be a bit careful on this road as it is rocky so it important that you maintain the speed that you are comfortable with. You will start noticing less of civilization from here on and it will strike you that how disconnected this place is from other places. You will start seeing glimpses of the higher Himalayan range which offers a view of snow covered peaks.

We will start gaining altitude from here on and you will feel the cold so it is important to have proper layering of clothes. The final ascent is to Baralacha-La starts at Zing Zing bar. Your campsite will be pitched at some distance from ZZ bar where you will stay for the night. Hot soup will be provided to you before you have your dinner. It is important to get the much-needed rest before you set out for the following day.

Day 6 Zing Zing Bar to Brandy Nallah via Baralacha La

After having your breakfast we’ll have to start our day early today as it is a 65km stretch. You will sense that the entire surrounding changing into a dry desert and there no signs of green. At a height of 15,900 ft Baralacha pass feels cold with strong winds blowing from time to time. The serene flow of the river and the majestic mountains surrounding will amaze you for the rest of the journey. Take some time to click pictures and soak in the moment

After having your lunch we’ll be heading to Sarchu marks as the border between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. The landscape still remains the same as earlier with tall barren peaks surrounding you. The entire route then descends gradually to the wide Sarchu Plains. We will be camping at Brandy Nala for the night which is at some distance from Sarchu.

Day 7 Brandy Nallah to Pang via Nakee La, Lachulung La

Brandy Nala to Pang is perhaps the most difficult day when we will be riding past the Gata loops which is a series of 21 hairpin bends that cover a distance of 7km. We’ll be crossing Nakee la and Lachung la both on the same day and it would be one adventurous ride of your life. You will come across a board which marks as the beginning of Gate Loops

As you climb higher the loops below are visible which look flat. You will be relived after crossing the loops as it takes a huge toll on your body and your fitness is tested as well. After having your lunch at we will go past Nakee la where the mercury level dips down. Pang will be our camping spot for the night.

Day 8 Pang to Debring via More Plains

Your day will start with a 7km ascent to Taglang La which is followed by a long descent along a steep gorge to Pang. Moray Plains which is at a height of 4,700 m is an 8km climb from Pang which known for extreme temperatures both in the morning and in the evening. You will come across some nomadic Changpas who with their yaks. Apart from them, there is no sign of civilisation. Tso Kar lake is the first choice of camping but in case the route is close we will have to camp at We will be camping at Debring which is at Tanglang La which is the world’s second highest motorable pass.

Day 9 Debring to Rumtse via Tanglang la

Today, you will be facing a challenging climb which will lead to the world’s second highest motorable pass in the world, Tanglang La which. These are surely testing times and you will have to put in more effort than ever. But what we can surely promise you is that after reaching the top, there are few feelings that can match this. Before we start our descent to Lato village, you can take some time to click pictures.

The first view of Lato is amazing and it will surely leave you spellbound. This will be our stop for camping tonight. You can also pay a visit to the gompas in Lato to get an insight into their culture.

Day 10 Rumtse to Leh

We will leave Rumtse after having breakfast and our final destination which is Leh will be at a distance of 75km. As we’ll start approaching Leh, a stretch of dusty brown mountains will start appearing from a distance. You have now reached the land of lamas. As you come down from Rumtse you will start noticing some vegetation before Upshi. After a while, you will start getting first glimpses of the Indus river which is quite a pleasing view.

We will be taking a halt at Thiksey for lunch which is at a distance of 20km from Leh. After reaching the guesthouse at Leh you will actually get a sense of satisfaction that you’ve completed the task which you started on
Day 1 from Manali. We are sure that you will come back with lots of memories that cannot be expressed in words but will last a lifetime.

Day 11 Leh to Khardung La and back to Leh

• Altitude:- 5,359m/17,577ft
• Distance:- 40km, 6 hours
• All is uphill
• Come back by car
• Packed lunch
• Stay in tents

Day 12 Check out after breakfast

How to Reach
By Air :-

Bhuntar, which is 52 km away from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services are available from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs about Rs. 700- Rs1000. Bhuntar is well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher airlines, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airlines, operating flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

By Road:-

Manali is well connected to Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali. Tickets can be booked online at or, Tip: Since Delhi Manali is a long journey most Volvo private buses leave Delhi between 5 pm and 6 pm. The last govt bus leaves at 8.30 pm from ISBT Kashmere Gate.

Manali to Delhi Like the onward journey, buses leave from Manali to Delhi between 4 and 5 p.m. Your tentative arrival at Delhi may be anywhere between 6 a.m and 10 a.m. Plan your onward journeys only post noon giving enough buffer for bus delays.

Cost Terms
Inclusions: –

1. Accommodation Camping and Hotel, according to the Itinerary
• Hotel MAP plan (Breakfast and Dinner) and twin sharing basis
• Day 1 in Manali (Hotel)
• Day 10 & 11 Leh (Hotel)
• Day 2 to Day 9 in tents (Camping)
2. Meals while on trip
• Manali and Leh MAP plan (Breakfast and Dinner)
• During trip- All meals (Veg + Egg)
• Nutrition snack during trip – Energy bars, Dry fruits, fresh fruits and drinks
3. Trip equipments
• Sleeping bag, Mattress, Kitchen & Dinning tent, Utensils, Tent)
4. Support
• 1 Support/backup vehicle for every 6 cyclist
• 1 Support vehicle for camping and logistics
• Cycle mechanic and repairing Kit
5. First aid medical kits, stretcher and oxygen cylinder
6. Mountaineering qualified & professional trip Leader, Guide and Support Staff
7. Services from Manali to Leh
8. All necessary permits and entry fees
9. Participants and TTH Staff insurance.


1. Any kind of personal expenses
2. Cycle and Cycle accessories
3. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head

Cycle Renting

The expedition fee does not include the bicycle charges. We highly recommend that you bring your own bicycle (Hybrid or MTB). In case you do not wish to bring your own bicycle, you may rent it from us, at Rs. 7,400 /- (Trek Marlin 6) for entire trip. Note: If you wish to rent the bicycle, you have to inform us, 20 days in advance before the departure date.