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Region :- Ladakh (Leh)
Duration :- 10 Days
Grade :- Difficult
Max Altitude :- 20,500 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 41 Kms.

Markha Valley is less popular yet a gem of abundance. However, it is gaining popularity slowly. This wonderful valley is known for hosting Kang Yatse 1, 2 peaks. There is one more hidden peak right next to Kang Yatse peaks and that is DzoJongo Peak. It is of height 6240 meters, slightly taller than Stok Kangri. Its summit is not a technical climb but an enduring steep one, unlike Kang Yatse 2 summit climb which is technical. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative to StokKangri.

The peak lies at the head of the Markha Valley just next to Kang Yatse peaks. The DzoJongo has two summits, the climb to the true summit steep and challenging. There are many approaches to this peak; the most popular one is through the Markha Valley from Skui. This is the same path as of Kang Yatse expedition. But we choose the path from Lato side, a famous village lying on Manali-Leh highway.

The top of the peak offers the fantastic views of StokKangri, Kang Yatse peaks, Changtang valley mountains and distant Karakoram range. The trek literally takes to 3 high passes of Shiul, Chak and Kongmaru La passes (5100+ meters), very rarely in most of the treks. From Kongmaru La pass the greener side of Markha Valley can be witnessed.

DzoJongo peak although is not technical the steep ascend requires crampons and roping up. It is therefore recommended for those having a little experience just like for StokKangri. It is a great opportunity for those looking to try 6000 meters and not that tedious. It is also good for people trying to prepare for big mountaineering expeditions.

Brief Itinerary
Day 1:- Arrival Leh

• Altitude:- 3,500 m/11,500 ft
• Check in Hotel
• Briefing about the trek at 5 pm (mandatory)
• Bring a copy of ID proof and 2 photo graphs. foreigner, a copy of passport and visa
• Network is available (only post-paid)
• ATM is available
• Can purchase or rent trekking equipment from Leh
• Visit of any very high altitude place or pass is not advisable
• Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited
• Stay in hotel

Day 2:- Leh (Acclimatization day)

• Acclimatization and sightseeing in Leh
• Can visit to monasteries: Shey, Thiksey, Sangam, and Hemis
• Avoid River Rafting, You can plan it after your trek
• Visit of any very high altitude place or pass is not advisable
• Stay in hotel

Note: Downhill cycling tour around Leh without straining body. for more detail “Click Here”

Day 3:- Leh to Lato (Sightseeing Day)

• Altitude:- 4,000m/13,200ft
• Distance:- 70km, 2hours
• Check in Guest house (twin sharing/triple sharing)
• LATO is the one of the oldest village of LehLadakh
• At Lato 60 million years ago a catastrophic collision took place
• No trek, use it as a sightseeing day for better acclimatization (included in the cost)

Shey palace
Thiksey Monastery
Druk Padma Karpo (3 idiot, Rancho) School
Hemis monastery

Day 4:- Lato to Shiul Sumdo

• Altitude:- 4,600m/15,000ft (Shiul Sumdo)
• Distance:- 5km, 4hours
• Moderate level of ascent
• Walk along with the river
• 3-4 river crossing
• Can refill water from river
• Hot lunch at camp site
• Night stay in tent (twin sharing)

Day 5:- Shiul Sumdo to Chaksung via Shiul Pass

• Altitude:- 4,900m/16,100ft
• Distance:- 6km, 5hours
• Moderate level of ascent
• Cross Shiul Pass 5,100m/16,700ft
• Can refill water from river
• You will be given some snacks and hot lunch at camp site
• Night stay in tent (twin sharing)

Day 6:- Chaksung to Dzo Jongo base camp via Chak Pass

• Altitude:- 5,200m/17,100ft
• Distance:- 4km, 4hours
• Difficult level of ascent
• Cross Chak Pass 5,500m/16,700ft
• You will be given some snacks and hot lunch at camp site
• Night stay in tent (twin sharing)

Day 7:- Rest day + Training day (Summit night)

• TTH team will issue you the technical equipments
• Learn how to use technical equipments
• Briefing and planning for the summit
• Don’t exhaust your body, take rest as much as you can
• Push for the Summit at 10 pm (Timings may get change)

Day 8:- Summit and back to Base camp

• Altitude:- 6,250 m/20,500 ft
• Trek 6 km each way, 13 hrs
• Reach on the Summit by 5-6 am
• Reach to Base camp by 11am
• Packed breakfast on the and hot lunch at camp site
• Carry enough hot water, less water point at glacier(very cold)

• Base camp to first rest point:- 20-30 min, almost flat walk
• Rest point to ABC:- 40 min, gradual ascent
• To Start of slope:- 50-80 min, moderate ascent
• To Technical point:- 2-3.5 hrs, difficult ascent
• To Summit:- 1.5-2 hrs, very difficult ascent

Day 9:- Base Camp to Chokdo via Kongmaru La & drive to Leh

• Altitude:- Kongmaru 5,200m/17,100ft, Chokdo 3,700m/12,100ft
• Trek 14 km, 6-7 hours
• Descent to Chokdo (Shang Valley) from KongmaruLa is little long
• Highest Altitude pass crossing to the trek makes it a difficult day
• It will take 3-4 hours of hike for Kongmaru La Pass
• Amazing view of Indus Valley and Ladakh Range
• Steep descent and rocky terrain
• Drive to Leh 60 km
• Stay in Hotel

Day 10:- Buffer day

• Buffer day will be used if unable to summit due to of any unforeseen circumstances.
• Opting a buffer day will be a team decision not an individual.
• Keep a buffer day in your travel plan.
• Buffer day is not included in the cost.
• Rs 3,000 has to pay, per day and per person.
• Please make any further travel plan on Day 10.
• If buffer day is not used in the Expedition then it can be used to explore Leh.
Rafting in Zanskar
Mountain Biking
Motorcycle Tour
Khardung La visit
One day trip to Pangong lake
full day sightseeing
Zip line
Note:- Distance, Altitude and Trekking hours are approximate and round off.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1:- Arrival Leh

Arrive in Leh for the most exciting expedition. Leh is at 3500 meters altitude therefore, it is necessary that you drink a lot of water, avoid heavy activities and let your body acclimatize. Leh is a scenic town resting between barren yellow mountains. Enjoy the most of it.

You can purchase or rent your trekking equipment in Leh. Moving to any high altitude locations must be avoided. Chill and rest in your Hotels.

Day 2:- Leh (Acclimatization day)

The second day is reserved for acclimatization and preparation in Leh. You can spend the day with your visit to different sightseeing points in and around. Leh’s Old Town is dominated by the ancient Leh Palace, a signature of the legacy of the ancient Kingdom of Ladakh, built by Dragpa Bumdey-the King. Situated on a high mountain ridge, this ancient palace overlooks the whole town. Wreathed in many an interesting curio and souvenir shops, the colorful Leh bazaar spreads out below.

Starting out early, today is good to visit the network of ancient Buddhist monasteries strewn around Leh. Providing serene getaways from the hustle bustle of the town, the monasteries of Thikse, Namgyal Tsemo, Sangam and Hemis can be the perfect place to find some inner peace and fortitude needed for the hard days of climb coming up ahead.

Day 3:- Leh to Lato (Sightseeing Day)

One the third day of the trek time to move a little higher. The route to Lato is amazing with dark blue skies complimenting the barren landscapes.

LATO is the oldest village of Leh Ladakh. It liesenroute Manali from Leh. There was a catastrophic collision in Lato 60 million years ago. There is one of the oldest monasteries of Gia village.

The distance from Leh to Lato is almost 70 km, on the way there are quite a good places to roam, so will go to Lato after sightseening (Shey palace, Thiksey Monastery, Druk Padma Karpo (3 idiot, Rancho) School, Hemis monastery) which is included in the cost.
Day 4:- Lato to Shiul Sumdo

The actual trekking day begins. Today you will hike up to Shiul Sumdo. It will be a moderate ascent. The trek is mostly alongside the river. There will be 3-4 chilled river crossing.

You will arrive till lunchtime at the campsite. Enjoy your first night stay of the trek in the tents.

Day 5:- ShiulSumdo to Chaksung via Shiul Pass

Today will be an astonishing day. The hike up today is to the first high pass of the trek called Shiul Pass. It will take about 2-3 hours to reach the pass. The trail is of moderate ascent. The pass is literally high point of the trek as it will show big mountains of Ladakh range, Karakoram range etc.

You will reach the campsite at Chaksung at lunchtime.

Day 6:- Chaksung to DzoJongo base camp via Chak Pass

Another day filled with excitement. Today you will climb up to the highest pass of the trek Chak Pass. The trek will be shorter, in fact, the shortest day of the trek with 4 km of the trek. However, the ascend is difficult and steep.

Enjoy the changing hue of the mountains. You can now see the DzoJongo peak, Kang Yatse peaks and their summits. You will get a welcome hot lunch at the base camp. The base camp of DzoJongo is little higher than the base camp of Kang yatse II. The campsite is usually covered with snow. You can also see Markha Valley from the base camp.

Day 7:- Rest day + Training day (Summit night)

And finally, the day before summit arrives. Try to preserve your energy and stay hydrated. TTH team will give away your technical equipment and give demos of how to use them. Learn and practice using technical equipment.

Your Trek Leader will then brief you about the summit attempt planning. Rest and enjoy at the base camp. Mostly the summit push would start at 9-10 pm. Get all dressed with your technical equipment for the big summit climb.

Day 8:- Summit and back to Base camp

The summit push is long and tiring. It is 6 km distance each way. We start by a flat walk for 20-30min. After this comes a rest point. From here the Advanced Base Camp is 40 min far. You can see the route getting a little steeper. For about an hour the climb remains moderate.

The climb is not technical but is steep and filled with snow. Hence, it requires using crampons and gaiters. Your team will break the route if needed. You may see crevasses next to the route. Keep moving up slowly. The climb to the summit is very difficult and steep. DzoJongo peak has 2 summits. The path to the true summit is challenging.

You are expected to reach the summit at 5-6 am. The summit is a high point that shows StokKangri, Kang Yatse 1,2 peaks, Changthang valley mountains, Karakoram range etc. After rest, we descend back to the base camp.

Day 9:- Base Camp to Chokdo via Kongmaru La & drive to Leh

If you think that long endured part is done. Then the path back to home is also long. The trek to Chokdo requires crossing the last pass of the trek Kongmaru La Pass (5130m). It will take 3-4 hours to reach the pass. The pass shows clear sights of the Kang Yatse peaks, DzoJongo, Markha valley, Indus valley and Ladakh range.

After the pass, it is all descend and extremely long. Observe the reddish copper and basalt trails falling on the mountains. The valley is totally different from the views we had seen earlier. It is flat to steep climb down on rocky terrain. From Chokdo it is 60 km drive to Leh.

Day 10:- Buffer day

Every expedition plan has buffer days for flexible planning. This day is used in case of unfavourable conditions when the summit attempt gets halted. So to increase the chances of the summit, 1 day is included in the itinerary. If due to any situation summit is not possible then the team will wait at base camp and try attempting summit again.

Using the buffer the day will be a team decision. Please note that the cost of the buffer day is not included in the trek cost. In case the team decides to use the buffer day the Rs.3000 per person per day must be paid. Make sure to already discuss the buffer costs with your team. If everything goes well and buffer day is not used in the Expedition then it can be used to explore Leh through following activities,

Rafting in Zanskar
Mountain Biking
Motorcycle Tour
Khardung La visit
One day trip to Pangong lake
full day sightseeing
Zip line

Who Can Participate

Here are the fitness criteria one has to match absolutely for conquering Stok Kangri Peak with us:
• Experience of high altitude trek at least 2 treks of more than 4500 mt. or 14,700 ft.
• The climber must be fit and have sufficient stamina to cover 6 km of distance in 35 minutes without a stress.
• A goods carrying benchmark relevant in this expedition, the climber should be able to carry a 10 to 15 kg expedition bag pack.
• Heart problem, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on this mission. The climber must not have these conditions mentioned above.

How to Reach
By Air :-
Jet Airways, Go Air and Air India provide daily (once every day) flight service between New Delhi and Leh. In the summer season, the services may even be provided twice a day. However if you plan a trip to this area of the country, you must try to book your tickets well in advance. This might even cut down the prices which may be levied on booking at the last time. You would enjoy the flight as you would fly over many untouched areas and even some mountain ranges. The aerial view is just fascinating and gives a great start to your tour.

By Road :-
The road from Manali to Leh is only open in the summers. The road trip may take you 2 days, but depending upon the weather conditions, the travel may also extend to 3 or even 4 days. You should also make sure that you carry at least two spare tires. A good advice would be to carry a sleeping bag with you well, as the bus may stop in the middle of nowhere for the overnight stay.

Another route to Leh via Srinagar, also takes around two days. On this route, you would pass through some lonely yet famous villages like Kargil and Khalsi.

Cost Terms
Inclusions :-
1. Accommodation:
• Guest house in Leh on Day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 9 as per the itinerary.
• Camping during the trek.
2. Meals while on trek (Veg.+ Egg)
• Day 3 dinner to Day 9 Lunch.
3. Trek equipments: Sleeping bag, mattress, tent (twin sharing), kitchen & dinning tent, toilet tent, utensils and crampon (if required).
4. First aid medical kits, stretcher & oxygen cylinder.
5. Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, guide, cook and Support staff.
6. Transport from Leh guest house to Stok village and return as per the itinerary.
7. Mules to carry the central luggage.

Exclusions :-
1. Any kind of personal expenses.
2. Airfare and pickup and drop from airport..
3. Food in Leh.
4. Any kind of emergency evacuation charges
5. Necessary permits, entry fees and Foreigner peak booking charges.
6. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
7. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head.

Note :
Normally TTH expect to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you wish to offload your backpack, you can give it to Mule.
Charges of offloading backpack:-
INR 3000/- if you make an online payment, 10 days in advance
INR 3300/- if you inform us after reaching Leh
The backpack cannot weigh more than 11 kgs. Backpack should have waterproof cover. Suitcases/strolleys/ bags will not be allowed.

Paying the Trek/ Adventure activity fee:
The fee can be paid by online transfer/check deposit/ demand draft. Instruction for payment will be forwarded along with your confirmation email. When your transfer is done, please e-mail us a confirmation mail with your transfer details, so that we can follow up your reservation efficiently.

When to book:
It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. However, if you want a good deal on your domestic/international flight, we recommend organising your trip at least five months in advance. (Please contact us if you require a late booking)

In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows: –

Cancellations prior to 24 days from the start of the trek
Book any other trek till one year or get 95% refund
(Note: If the trek charges are more, the balance needs to be paid by the trekker)

Cancellation between 24 days and 14 days to the start of the trek
Choose to go for the same trek, with any other batch, till year or get 70% refund

Cancellation between 14 days and 10 days to the start of the trek
Choose to go on the same trek, in the same season, with any other batch or get 50% refund.

Cancellation less than 10 days to the start of the trek
Transfer your trek (same trek, same batch) to your friend. No cash refund.

1)- Change of trek batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
2)- In case of transferring a trek to a friend, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by TTH.
3)- TTH holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.